FlatRateNOW partners with O'Brien to drive incremental sales and deliver exceptional customer service!

Posted by Simon Shakir on Apr 6, 2022 2:29:13 PM

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Today we are excited to share that we have partnered with one of the most trusted brand names in Australia in plumbing and electrical - O'Brien. Our focus is to continually innovate and evolve to deliver exceptional customer service to the O'Brien and Laser members.

FlatRateNOW CEO, Marcel Donnelly says, "Customers are wanting access to information quicker than ever before and this is forcing the trade industry to evolve rapidly. When you've been called onsite to inspect an issue or solve a problem, you are expected to deliver a quote immediately - gone are the days of "I'll get the quote to you when I'm back in the office". With FlatRateNOW, you can deliver not just one detailed quote but multiple.. right there in their kitchen. This increases your chance of success and improves customer satisfaction because you invest more time educating your customer and less time focusing on what to write."

Head of Commercial & Systems at O'Brien Electrical & Plumbing, Ashley Clemmett, says "It is great to have another innovative partner working with us to further complement our fantastic software platform Members use and Marcel and his team at FlatRateNOW have demonstrated a proven track record working with trades businesses. I believe that having FlatRateNOW available as an add-on quoting option for LaserPRO' Enterprise will provide Members with enhanced quoting outcomes while their technicians are in the field".

FlatRateNOW delivers immediate value. With the simple 'click and add' approach to building quotes, O'Brien and Laser Tradies can effortlessly develop quotations in the field that will seamlessly integrate into LaserPRO' Enterprise to save time, reduce spelling mistakes and create more time for tradies to focus on their customer.

FlatRateNOW integrating with LaserPRO' Enterprise will improve your teams' on-site quoting potential and increase customer satisfaction without making the process more difficult!

How is FlatRateNOW assisting and improving O'Brien's and Laser PRO' Enterprise members: 

✓ Generate quotes on-site and in real-time in minutes 

✓ Set your own pricing tiers

✓ Increase your Sales through a detailed quote

✓ Eliminate competition by displaying 6 different options with our "ScratchPad"

✓ Retain customers with a high rate of customer satisfaction

✓ Easy to use "Office Portal" for the management and analysis of your business

✓ Create your own task templates for different jobs or modify existing pre-built tasks to suit your business 

✓ Australian-based Support Team

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