Getting Started

Our quickstart guide walks you through the FlatRateNOW app to help you get up and running quickly and efficiently.

Get Started

Essentials of FlatRateNOW

Navigating a new software platform can be daunting and overwhelming. To help you feel more comfortable and confident, here are the essentials to get you started quickly and efficiently.

Setting up FlatRateNow for your business

Create Your First Quote

Once you’ve created your first quote in FlatRateNOW, you’re on the path to success! This short video demonstrates how to open a new quote and begin adding tasks to it.

Adding Your Company Details and Logo

Another key step is adding your company details and logo. Having this information clearly visible on your documents helps customers recognise your business and keeps them coming back!

Configure your company settings

Make FlatRateNOW your own by configuring your company settings. FlatRateNOW can be completely customised for your business. In this video, learn how to update company settings like your ABN, license number, addresses and phone numbers.

Setting your Labour Rate

Setting your labour rate is important if you are going to be quoting accurately. In this video, we show you how to set your labour rate (and update it when necessary) so your tasks produce the base prices you need to support your business.

Setting up pricing tiers

Pricing Tiers are important to the sale process. They allow you to offer loyal clients a discount or increase the price of a difficult task if it goes beyond the average install. Learn how to set up and update your pricing tiers in your configuration screen.

Setting your product markup

Each month, Flat Rate NOW imports the latest prices from a range of different suppliers. To ensure that you can get the markup you desire on these items, you’ll need to set your markup rates in your configuration screen. Watch this video to learn how.

The Scratchpad

Commonly known as 'the option builder', this allows you to create up to 6 options for a single job right in front of your client. In this video, we explain what the scratchpad is and how to use it to maximise your chance of winning that job.

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