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Key Features Just for Electricians

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Choose from over 300 electrical tasks

The FlatRateNOW app contains a library of electrical tasks that you can import into quotes to accurately price jobs.


Get up to date material costs from top suppliers

Our app automatically updates with the latest pricing from some of the top electrical suppliers in Australia so you’ll never undercharge.


Use FlatRateNOW to manage your admin

Quote, invoice and accept payment through the FlatRateNOW app so you can stay on top of your finances.


Keep track of your jobs

The FlatRateNOW system stores all of your customer data so you can avoid discrepancies between customers and your electricians.

Key Features


Huge Product Catalogue

The FlatRateNOW app contains over 1,000 electrical tasks, linked to thousands of products made by Australian suppliers

Easy to Customise

Simply add your company logo, labour rate, product markup and pricing tiers and FlatRateNOW will be at your disposal.


Save Time

No need to spend time managing your own price book. Let FlatRateNOW take the stress out of quoting!

Strategic Benefits To Your Business

Final Icons_Increase Your Sales
Increase Your Sales

Feedback from current FlatRateNOW users is that they achieve an astonishing 25% increase in the probability of winning a job. Simple, timely quoting increases the confidence your client has in your electrician!

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Fit more into your day

No more paperwork or accounting to complete after-hours. Finish your admin on the day of the job and gain extra time to do more jobs or spend with your family!

Final Icons_Increase The -Value of Each Job
Increase the value of each job

Our clients see an increase of 14% in the value of their job with FlatRateNOW. Using an up-to-date catalogue means you are quoting with the latest material prices. Stop short-changing yourself and avoid overcharging the client at the last minute.

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Quote with confidence

FlatRateNOW can help increase your sales with minimal effort. Using the add-on tasks when quoting allows even the most inexperienced electrician to push for higher sales.

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Current pricing

Swap your out-of-date, pre-printed menu pricing books for an iPad App with real-time catalogue prices that hold more than 1,300 task and product options. Get supplier price lists from Reece, Co-op and many more.

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Exceed customer expectations

Simply quote a job from the comprehensive online task catalogue. If your customer agrees, they’ll electronically sign the quote on your tablet and it will be instantly emailed to them and your chosen accounts email. When you complete the job, email the invoice immediately to your customer and your accounts through the app.

Practical Benefits For Your Business

check   Current pricing

         No more out-of-date pricing books.

check   Exceed expectations

         Professional quotes & invoices emailed in minutes.

check   Portable

         Access your database anywhere, anytime.

check   Save time

         No need for after-hours admin.

check   Professional

         Create customer loyalty and get referrals.

check   Integrations

         Field Service Management and accounting software.

check   Improved cash flow

         Daily reporting of all transactions, faster payments.

check   Built for you

         Designed by Australian Plumbers; we understand your

See how fast and easy it is!

We can tell you about all the benefits FlatRateNOW can bring to your business, but sometimes seeing is believing.

Which is why we’ve put a short video together that walks you through all the key features and how they streamline your business processes to slash your admin time.

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