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FlatRateNOW: The sales app for modern electricians

FlatRateNOW is the online sales tool for tradies. Help your team build trust with your customers by designing and selling complete solutions with correct pricing while onsite.

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Sales software for electricians

Our electrical sales software provides tradies with a range of tools and features that are designed to improve the efficiency of the sales process and increase sales.

By reducing the time required to complete sales tasks such as calculating prices and writing up quotes and option sheets while on-site, the salesperson can spend more time talking to their customer and build better, trusting relationships, as well as ensuring the solutions offered meet expectations

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How FlatRateNOW helps electricians boost sales

FlatRateNOW was built for tradies. We understand what tradies want on a day to day basis, this is why we created FlatRateNOW.

With FlatRateNOW’s electrician sales software, you can:

Choose from thousands of electrical products

We’ve imported the best suppliers pricefiles in the electrical industry to bring you an automated price book in our app.

Quote accurately every electrical job

All quotes are comprehensive and contain all the material & labour required to complete the job.

Increase customer satisfaction

Quotes can be given on-site with the customer and this increases transparency with the client, helping them feel more in control. The Scratchpad also increases conversation with the customer, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Keep your pricing consistent

Input your labour rate, product markups and related pricing limits to keep your pricing consistent across your entire business, regardless of the tradie quoting.

Improve your average job value

FlatRateNOW helps tradies quickly generate multiple quotes to help your customer decide which one suits them best.

Plugs into your existing tech

We understand that app integrations are crucial to modern business and tradies are no different.

As a result, we built FlatRateNOW to work seamlessly with the existing software your business currently uses.

FlatRateNOW works easily with:

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FlatRateNOW is more than just promises. FlatRateNOW customers see their average job value and job volume increase with FlatRateNOW.

Nationwide, the average accepted quote value is $1800 using FlatRateNOW.

The average quote without using FlatRateNOW is ~$950.

Together, the FlatRateNOW Community has sold over $93,000,000 in 2022.

Customer success story

Numbers are one thing, reading about a customer’s success is another thing.

Thousands of electricians across Australia have found success with FlatRateNOW.

One client, Jarvis Electrical Company from Queensland, saw an increase in both sales and productivity after switching to FlatRateNOW.

The app boosted their ability to offer real-time pricing without having to go back to the office or call other team members. This boosted the number of closed deals, as Jarvis could now quote on-site to clients and do jobs on the spot.

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We can tell you about all the benefits FlatRateNOW can bring to your business, but sometimes seeing is believing.

Which is why we’ve put a short video together that walks you through all the key features and how they streamline your business processes to slash your admin time.

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