FlatRateNOW instrumental in Sid's 25% sales growth in the last 2 years!

Posted by Simon Shakir on Apr 12, 2022 2:52:34 PM

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Sid Curran, an established Owner and General Manager at Curran Plumbing, has been in the plumbing industry for over 16 years. He believes in providing a great customer experience and solving customers' issues day in and day out.

FlatRateNOW has helped Sid achieve 25% sales growth over the last two years!

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Sid says, "Customers are constantly looking to compare prices and the benefit of using the ScratchPad feature of FlatRateNOW is actually being able to tailor each individual option to the customer's needs rather than the plumbing issue directly in front of you. It works Magic!"

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"The FlatRateNOW ScratchPad FlatRateNOW ScratchPad has helped streamline our pricing, the techs find it easy to use and their productivity in the field has increased. Having the ability to present several options to our customers via the ScratchPad has helped increase our average job ticket and customer satisfaction."

"We at Curran Plumbing utilize FlatRateNOW to be our communications tool to work with the customer and assess the situation and come up with as many options as we can assuring we've got the customer's best interest in mind"

FlatRateNOW Integrations:

✔️ Simpro

✔️ Service M8

✔️ Brighte

✔️ Stripe

✔️ Trustpilot

✔️ Reece maX

✔️ Xero

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