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Posted by Simon Shakir on Jul 12, 2022 2:10:58 PM

pre built task cover copy-1As a business gradually grows, its aim is to continue meeting increasing market demand. The key challenge for companies working to achieve this goal is that market demands are not static. Scalability is important because expansion in business means the company is working with more customers, resources and data. Being capable of handling these increases effectively means a company can maintain the quality of its products or services and general efficiency.

One way you can scale your business is by introducing automation where lower human input is required to enhance productivity and time efficiency.

FlatRateNOW's pre-built tasks are exactly that and more! 

Why you should leverage Pre-built tasks?

The FlatRateNOW's 1,900 plus pre-built tasks allows you to concentrate on other important tasks and build faster and easier quotes while on site. If your business were to take on average 20 minutes to write a single quote, you won’t get the opportunity to up-sell or present separate options because you simply won’t have enough time to do it.

All of this lost time and lost opportunity costs your business time.

Other benefits to your business include: 

✔️ Pricing consistency - No matter who in your business creates the quotations, they'll all start with the same price

✔️ Reduced spelling errors - Reduce the chances of errors and present a dynamic and detailed quoted as your headings and descriptions are pre-filled in the FlatRateNOW app

✔️ Reduced pricing errors - The pre-builds calculates the prices of quotes for your tradesmen which reduces the likelihood of any pricing errors

✔️ Transparency over profitability - Analytics for reporting is as important as creating a detailed quotation. It is important to know how much profit you can expect on a job and analyse business overall growth

✔️ Control on quoting - You are in control on who you allow to quote i.e. control on pricing tiers


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Building pre-built tasks can be challenging!

Our pre-built tasks have been designed with the averages of the task being complete thousands of times across hundreds of tradies, but we still don’t force our information on you. If you’d like to modify the FlatRateNOW tasks to better suit your business and to save you from starting from scratch, use our ‘Task Template Modifier’ feature.

If you have access to historical job information, that’ll make this part of the process much more accurate – the more data, the better the average for materials and labour.

Click on the link below to find a step-by-step guide on 'How to Modify a Task Template'How to Modify a Task Template


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FlatRateNOW Integrations:

✔️ Service M8

✔️ Brighte

✔️ Stripe

✔️ Trustpilot

✔️ Reece maX

✔️ Xero

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