Winning Your Jobs - 3 ways to increase your chances

Posted by Marcel Donnelly on Jul 7, 2021 3:58:11 PM

Winning jobs is essential to any trade company and is imperative to consistent cash flow. Although quoting jobs can sometimes be daunting for some people, with the right knowledge the process can become much simpler. 

Below are 3 ways that can help improve your chances of winning jobs

Upselling through Value:

As a tradesperson, you are the subject matter expert on the job you are quoting. 

Although we advise against becoming salespeople who try to unnecessarily upsell jobs to make an extra buck, we do suggest upselling through value. Although value means different things for different people, it’s important to understand that value is often correlated with education on a topic. Education is something companies like Apple do to get customers to purchase because they see the value.

Upselling through value is essentially helping your customer become aware that they may need extra things done. You can do this by 

  • referring to upgrades needed to comply with Australian Standards or;
  • because of general wear and tear. 

Ultimately, many people don’t even know something else may need to be done simply because if they did, they would have specifically asked you for a quote or they are trained in the trade.

So to summarise this point, provide value through educating the customer why something additional could or should be done to save them the hassle down the track.

We touch on this more in the video below:

Leverage Australian Standards

As we mentioned earlier, some jobs you visit may require additional work or upgrades to comply with the Australian Standards. Use these standards to your advantage when quoting or carrying out jobs. Even if you don’t make an additional sale, you’re still doing the right thing by the customer and helping them prepare for a potential future problem.

It’s your responsibility as the expert.

As a qualified tradesperson, you should help people become aware of problems they may not know of because this is what creates value. Some customers may even pay more for your services because you’ve gained their trust due to your transparency and due diligence.

We touch on this more in the video below:

Let FRN do 80% of the Heavy Lifting:

Quoting can be daunting and can be the maker or breaker when trying to win a job. 

FlatRateNOW was designed with this in mind. We ensure the tasks you need are pre-built so you can do all the talking you need to do when quoting, and finish it off with a polished quote for the customer. 

The pre-built tasks contain detailed descriptions that do all the explaining for the customer. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s about educating the customer so they can see value in what you’re doing.

If you don’t use FlatRateNOW, try us on a free 14-day trial here!

We touch on this more in the video below:

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