Use FlatRateNOW And Learn More About Your Business

Posted by Marcel Donnelly on Jan 3, 2017 5:46:00 PM

Target your marketing by postcode, season and customer.

Focus your marketing on your most profitable tasks.

Reward your tradies on the profit earned not cash generated.

Fine-tune your pricing for best sales performance.


FlatRateNOW collects information on each job and sends it to your office. You can use this structured data to generate a detailed analysis of the sales performance of your business.

For each customer, a scope of work is recorded in an option sheet, and for each sale, a work order and invoice is recorded. All these files are sent to your office to be collected in a database and, together, provide the most detailed information on all your customers, plumbing sales and income.

  • Want to know which of your plumbers make the most profit? Learn the achieved margins of each of your plumbers by week, month or year.
  • Want to target your marketing by season and region? Learn which tasks sell best in each of the postcodes you service in each season of the year.
  • Want to know which of your plumbers is following the correct sales process? Learn how many safety checks and memberships each sells in a week/month/year?
  • Want to correct your prices for the best sales performance? Learn which of your tasks need the most discounting (and so probably need to be reduced in price) and which ones never need discounting (and so can have their prices raised)?
  • Want to know which of your plumbers need more sales training? Learn the average deal size of each and the average discount for each.
  • Want to know which of your customers might need a follow-up visit or a service call? Learn which of your customers bought a new hot water heater 12 months ago etc.

Each work order file captures all the information relating to a sale; the name of the salesperson, the job tasks, the cost of the job tasks, the sale price of the job, the margin of the job, the discount applied to sell the job etc

Each invoice file captures all the information relating to income; the name of the salesperson, the tasks, the amount invoiced, the amount written off, the customer address etc.

Over time, these files form a complete picture of your sales and you can create reports and dashboards that show:

  • Total sales for the business including margins and discounts, for any given period. This allows you to compare sales periods, seasonal and year on year.
  • A real-time dashboard of sales/income for the day/week/month so far.
  • Total sales by task category including margins for any given period; allows you to compare seasonal sales for each category (e.g. Hot Water) or compare categories (e.g. Gas vs Electric Hot Water) or compare products (e.g. Rinnai vs Rheem).
  • Total sales by postcode; including tasks and task categories, for any given period allows you to compare sales totals and task types by region and target marketing for specific tasks or products to specific regions.
  • For all tasks, show the highest/lowest achieved margins for each season – target your marketing for highest margins and reward your plumbers for selling higher-margin tasks.
  • For each tradesperson, total sales, margins and discounts, for any given period. This allows you to reward achieved margins, not total sales.
  • For each tradesperson, compare discounts offered and margins achieved, throughout the compensation period to ensure they are not 'bending the rules' to hit compensation targets etc.

Each option sheet collects all the plumbing tasks that a customer might consider buying, as well as any discounts that apply should they decide to buy.

The tasks a customer bought are recorded in the work order and invoice files but the list of tasks that the customer chooses not to buy is also of great value to the business owner. FlatRateNOW sends each option sheet to your office as a file that can be collected in a database to provide the most detailed view of each customer.

(TIP: Use the structured option sheet information to build in-depth views of your customers and target your marketing and sales efforts)


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