Things to do while you are away from work due to Covid-19.

Posted by Simon Shakir on Jan 7, 2022 4:52:17 PM

letsgetyoustartedAs Covid case numbers rise again, you may be in isolation or potentially worried about the impact of this new surge on your business. Rather than letting the virus occupy your thoughts, you can turn this negative situation into a positive one.  

You can take the time to learn something new with our new webinar series, that will increase your chances of selling more jobs once you are back on the road again. Don’t let the pandemic wear you down and allow this stress to feel like the new normal.  

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More than a contagious virus pandemic, this is a mental health pandemic too! 

So here are some tips to deal with COVID anxiety and pandemic stress in healthy, positive, and productive ways. 


Make Time for Exercise 

Exercise is the best medicine to eliminate stress. Exercise helps reduce stress and ease both the body and mind. 

Avoid adding more to your pandemic stress by going to a crowded gym with high-touch surfaces, rather simply encourage yourself for more walks around your neighborhood, hiking on a nearby trail, or heading out for a bike ride to get some fresh air. If the weather is against you, consider downloading a yoga or circuit training app on your phone to do at-home workouts from the comfort of your living room. 


Focus on Mental Health and Much as Physical Health 

During times of COVID, your mental health could probably use a boost apart from your physical body as well. Get control over the pandemic stress yourself by practicing meditation, trying deep breathing exercises, and doing calming activities you enjoy, such as reading a book. 

But if your stress is getting too much to handle alone, find someone you trust to talk to about how you are feeling. This could be a partner, friend, or professional therapist. Mental health crisis resources, such as hotlines and support groups, are also available to help you understand your feelings and feel less alone in your mental struggles. 


Allow a Digital Detox 

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with people from our lives. However, it is also a source of anxiety for many people who become addicted to scrolling through posts, comparing themselves to friends, and reading anxiety-provoking news reports. 

Try your best to limit your social media time to just once or twice a day so that you can keep up with loved ones but avoid being obsessed or overwhelmed with information overload in an unhealthy way. Think about cutting that time down to just a few times per week or quit social media entirely for a few weeks or longer to get the mental break you really need. 


Connect with Others Safely 

There are many ways to connect with other people safely and without increasing your pandemic stress. Join online groups with people who share your interests, such as a virtual book club, online mental health support group, or volunteer organization that meets outdoors to benefit the environment. Once the world feels like a safer place again, the virtual connections you make now could turn into in-person friendships and fun social plans in the near future. 

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