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Posted by Marcel Donnelly on Oct 20, 2022 10:22:38 AM


We are excited to announce the new 'Quick Sale' feature.


We have had a number of requests from the FlatRateNOW community asking for a feature that could improve the time it takes to present quotes or Scratchpad Options for those everyday repetitive jobs. 


We thought, instead of focusing on a feature that ‘just improves time’, why couldn’t this feature be used to better the experience for your customer and assist your tradies in offering extra solutions to those everyday ‘basic’ problems.


What is the 'Quick Sale' feature?


The Quick Sale feature stores a Quote or Scratchpad option sheet so that it can be accessed at anytime and applied to a job.


Creating templates is boring. By using the Quick Sale feature, you can improve the potential of your sale by also offering secondary items. Lets take a look at an example.


Example for Plumbers


As a plumber, fixing leaking taps is extremely common. Rather than presenting your client with the price of a ‘Tap Service’, why not develop a ‘Quick Sale’ Scratchpad for ‘Leaking Taps’ that includes the following:


Option A = Tap Service

Option B = Replace the tap with a like-for-like model (for example a Base model tap)

Option C = Replace the tap with a more expensive brand

Option D = Install an under sink filtration system


You may be thinking “It’s just a leaking tap, why would I offer an under sink filtration system?” Well, consider you need to disconnect the tap to service/replace it, so it's a great time to offer the option to your client and what is the worst that your client can say? “No, i’m not interested in the under sink filtration system’. however, there is a chance they could say “Yes, I am interested”.


Example for Electricians


As an electrician, installation of new GPOs are extremely common. Rather than only pricing your client with a single GPO brand, develop a 'Quick Sale' that can include 3 different varieties of GPOs and the price to upgrade their RCBO within their Switchboard:


Option A = Install 1x Single GPO + 5m of In-wall cable

Option B = Install 1x Double GPO + 5m of In-wall cable

Option C = Install 1x Quad GPO + 5m of In-wall cable

Option D* = Price to install 1x RCBO in the enclosure

*If necessary.



Try it for yourself NOW!


By preparing ‘Quick Sale’ Scratchpads or Quotes for the jobs you do every day, you provide your tradies with a simple tool that can help to broaden the opportunity which could increase your average job value as well as improve the experience for your customer.


To begin creating your own 'Quick Sales', you simple need to:

  1. Build the desired Quotation or Scratchpad
  2. Open the 'Quick Sale' feature
  3. Click 'Save as Template'
  4. Enter a Heading & Description
  5. Press Save

It's that simple!


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