Offer Your Clients A Discount Without Giving Away The House!

Posted by Marcel Donnelly on Mar 20, 2019 10:21:00 AM

After speaking with hundreds of tradies, it became very obvious that 'I want to offer a discount but how do I do it without giving away the house? I spend a lot of money getting in front of a client, I need to win that business but I’m not a charity.'

And it usually happens without warning, your client hits you with: 'I want a discount'.

What do you do?

Do you turn the room into a Mexican Stand-Off?

Where both of you stand in the room waiting to see who breaks first?

Either you drop the price pulling a figure out of the sky, without really knowing if it’s negatively impacted your business or, you fire back 'No' and hope the client still goes with your quote?


Understanding Pricing Tiers

By knowing your numbers, you will understand what discount you can provide without offering the house to your client.

The total figure of a job is never what you actually receive in your bank account. So, to ensure you don't give away your house, you must find out what your numbers.

Once you understand your numbers, creating pricing tiers that suit your business is simple. You can then continue to service your client without fear of giving away your house!

You have a satisfied client.

You earn a profit on the job.

No more Mexican Stand-Offs!


Topics: Electricians, Plumbers, Trade Business