Invite Your Mates & Be Rewarded

Posted by Marcel Donnelly on Apr 14, 2020 5:47:49 PM

inviteamateandberewarded social post imageInvite your mates to FlatRateNOW and be rewarded!


We are excited to announce that you can now invite your mates from within the FlatRateNOW app.

Many plumbers, electricians and solar tradies work countless unpaid hours each week and it could be happening to your mate. After a full day of servicing customers, selling jobs and putting out fires, they're then greeted by the after-hours mountain of administration work such as producing quotes, invoicing jobs, collecting payment, chasing up debts and all the other tasks involved in the day to day grind.

Sometimes all it takes is a mate who is looking out for you to take a moment and invite you to something that'll help improve their business. For us, a software that will reduce the administrative burden in your business and improve how you sell jobs. At first, it feels like a miracle but really, its just FlatRateNOW.

It's easy to be that mate and in 3 steps, you could the reason why your mate went from being a sole-trader to running a successful business with a team of tradesmen under his wing.


How do you invite your mates?

It's a simple 3 step process:


Step 1.

Open the FlatRateNOW app


Step 2.

Click Invite

step 2 click invite

Step 3.

Enter your mates details into the form and click Invite!

step 3 complete information


We will then send information to your mate with a link to join our 14 day trial.


Be Rewarded

Supporting your mates is the Australian way and many aren't looking for any reward, however, we believe in saying thank you.

If any tradie you refer upgrades from their 14 day trial to a paying FlatRateNOW account, you will receive $50 credit to your account.


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