How Brighte Payment Plans can help improve your business

Posted by Marcel Donnelly on Feb 28, 2020 11:32:31 AM

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In the current economy, your customers may be looking at ways to save money wherever they can. "Replace that hot water system?" "No, thanks I’ll take a quick service." "How about upgrading your switchboard?" "No, thanks, the power still works." "What about your AC unit?" "I’ll just use the fan."

Forking out a lump sum amount of $5,000 can be daunting for your customer. Paying off $5,000 over 18 months, in easy fortnightly payments can be much easier to swallow. By offering payment plans, you can cater to the needs of your clients.

It is very common for trade businesses to spend hundreds in marketing. You want the right tradie, at the right job, at the right time. With all this effort, it's extremely important to ensure your business has every chance of winning the job.

Here are some reasons why payment plans with Brighte can help improve your business.


Improves cash flow

Simply notify Brighte that the job has been completed and you then get paid the next day! Within 24 hours, This can help improve your cashflow and gives you the reassurance you'll be paid.



Sales tool

Clients can often opt for the cheaper alternative rather than a full repair. This could lead to further issues down the track. Brighte financing options can be offered to customers as a solution. Offering flexible repayments with 0% interest can often be a distinct benefit when selling to customers.


Reduces administration burden

Some trade business owners personally arrange payment plans with customers. Often this can lead to spending time each day chasing payments, resulting in lost productivity and the extra burden of reduced cash flow. With Brighte handling your customer's repayments, you could be saving more time per week with reduced admin tasks.


Increases the reach of businesses

Brighte’s financing options can help you to reach homeowners who may not have the funds to pay up front. By offering Brighte payment options, your business could engage in new markets.


Extra marketing promotions

Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Update your marketing promotions to advertise that you offer flexible payment options. Brighte provides a range of marketing materials and collateral for your website, social media, marketing campaigns and vehicles to help attract more clients and win more jobs!



When signing up with Brighte, you will be trained on compliance considerations and how to sell the payment plans on the job. Brighte prepares their vendors to the best of their ability so that payment plans are used effectively.

Payment plans have been around for decades - it’s not new. The ability to access financing options, however, has become much simpler with technology. If you are not leveraging payment plans as a payment option, you could soon be compared to a sleepy business that does not accept card payments.


What are you waiting for?

Brighte have a friendly customer support team that are ready to answer any questions you have, so go ahead - request a call!

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