Getting Started With FlatRateNOW

Posted by Marcel Donnelly on Mar 8, 2017 10:35:00 AM

Welcome to FlatRateNOW for plumbing and electrical tradies!


With FlatRateNOW, your tradespeople can create option sheets, quotes, work orders, and invoices, as well as payment records for every job they visit.

Send your jobs to FlatRateNOW, and your tradespeople will use online option sheets to quickly generate quotes, work orders, and payment records and invoices from the customer’s premises.

  1. Logging into FlatRateNOW for the first time


  • Go to (or select the link from the FRN website).
  • Enter username and password.
  • As you are a manager so you see the management console. To access the app, you select web-app from the menu.
  1. Configuring FlatRateNOW for the first time


  1. Mode of Operation

FlatRateNOW has 2 modes of operation; quoting and invoicing and price book.

All customer domains are initially set to Price Book Mode, and we recommend sticking with this until after your training session.


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