Create Purchase Orders with Reece maX

Posted by Marcel Donnelly on Oct 19, 2021 3:38:43 PM

Integrate FlatRateNOW with Reece maX today and you'll enjoy more than just updated material pricing.

This integration aims to make Purchase Orders a simple process for you and your team on site. You will now have the ability to review the materials for your job and send them straight off to your supplier or mark certain supplies as vehicle stock!


Begin by connecting your Reece maX account  


We’ve made connecting the accounts a simple process to help you get started quicker.  

First, you have to enable the Purchase Order Feature on FlatRateNOW. You’ll have to create a Supplier Contact upon enabling the Purchase Order Feature.  

This will come in handy once you connect Reece maX as your team will be able to send your Purchase Orders directly to your Account Manager at Reece if there are any issues with the integration!  

Once you’ve enabled Purchase Order, you’ll be able to connect your Reece maX account.  

Find the detailed instructions on how to do this here 


So, what happens now with my Purchase Orders? 


Once a quote has been accepted, it’s time to sort out the materials to fulfil the quote and put the Purchase Order together. You can select which stock is Vehicle Stock and which stock needs to be ordered from Reece 

If there’s a mix of both, you will generate 2 separate Purchase Orders: one for Vehicle Stock and one for Reece.   

From here, you have a few options as to how you can distribute the Purchase Order. You can either  

  1. Save the Purchase Order as a PDF / Email 


  1. Upload the Purchase Order instantly into your Reece maX app.  



Watch Marcel go through creating a Purchase order and uploading it into Reece maX. 



Instructions on how to finalise and send the Purchase Order can be found here.  

We hope you're as excited as we are to have the Reece maX integration available on FlatRateNOW. Let us know if you have any feedback on using the integration!



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