Announcing ‘Scratch Pad’ – FlatRateNOW’s Online Option Sheet…

Posted by Marcel Donnelly on Feb 7, 2017 10:50:00 AM

The more they buy the cheaper your services

Use scratch pad to help your sales process and your conversations with your clients. Show customers the savings they will make if they buy your services today.

Dynamic pricing

Supporting 3 pricing columns, scratch pad dynamically calculates the prices based on the tasks the customer ‘includes’ in their scope of work, or excludes from it. Change the quantity of product for each line.

Promote membership

Offer an extra discount if they become members and show them how much they save.



Quick and easy quote generation

  • Generating on the spot quotes is quick and easy
  • Select or deselect tasks on the option sheet, alter quantities and/or plumbing products to create a solution for your customer and then add the solution to a quote.
  • Change the scratch pad and create another quote.
  • Share each quote with your clients via email or printer





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