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The FlatRateNOW software and app is an all-in-one pricing and quoting solution for trade businesses. It is continually updated with new materials, current pricing and new tasks.

The software carries over 300 catalogued tasks for electricians and over 1,000 tasks for plumbers, so you can whip up quotes in no-time.

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Choose from over 300 electrical-related tasks to build accurate, comprehensive quotes for your customers.

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Save time and make money by quoting in accordance with industry standards using the FlatRateNOW system and inbuilt price book.

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Key Features


Huge Product Catalogue

The FlatRateNOW app contains over 1,500 plumbing, gas, electrical, solar and roofing related tasks, linked to over 15,000 products made by Australian suppliers.

Easy to Customise

Simply add your company logo, labour rate, product markup and pricing tiers and FlatRateNOW will be at your disposal.


Save Time

No need to spend time managing your own price book. Let FlatRateNOW take the stress out of quoting!

Strategic Benefits To Your Business

Increase your sales

Feedback from current FlatRateNOW users is that they achieve an astonishing 25% increase in the probability of winning a job. Simple, timely quoting increases the confidence your client has in your plumber!

Save Time

No more paperwork or accounting to complete after-hours. Finish your admin on the day of the job and get your free time and family life back!

Increase the value of each job

Our clients see an increase of 14% in the value of their job with FlatRateNOW. Using an up-to-date catalogue means you are quoting with the latest material prices. Stop short-changing yourself and avoid overcharging the client at the last minute.

Quote with confidence

FlatRateNOW can help increase your sales with minimal effort. Using the add-on tasks when quoting allows even the most inexperienced plumber to push for higher sales.

Current pricing

Swap your out-of-date, pre-printed menu pricing books for an iPad App with real-time catalogue prices that hold more than 1,500 tasks and product options. Get supplier price lists from Reece, Rexel, OneStopWarehouse and many more

Exceed customer expectations

Simply quote a job from the comprehensive online task catalogue. If your customer agrees, they’ll electronically sign the quote on your tablet and it will be instantly emailed to them and your chosen accounts email. When you complete the job, email the invoice immediately to your customer and your accounts through the app.


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Customer Testimonials

Adam Fairclough

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Fantastic software and awesome customer service

Fantastic software.
Customer service is amazing!
Nothing is too hard for the customer service
5 stars for sure!

Sandy Johansson

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We’ve been using FRN in our business…

We’ve been using FRN in our business for about 6 months now. The team have been great and have made a huge effort to make sure that I’m trained in how to use it and how I can make it work for me. The platform is simple to use and integrates well with my other software. It has made sales a lot easier!

Alex Saad

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Hi a big thanks to Marcell as he has…

Hi a big thanks to Marcell as he has been a great help to me and my staff and gone above and beyond to help us work our way through Flatrate

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