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About Us

Apart from the physical nature of trades, tradespeople have some of the most gruelling and time-consuming tasks in the world. Not only do they exert themselves at work, but they also spend a lot of time off the job site working on administration and finance. The quoting process is almost as tiresome as the work itself. Between job assessments, phone calls to suppliers and covering all your overheads, it's immensely tedious work.

Thanks to the Plumbers who developed the MPN Plumbing Price books and implemented the flat-rate sales models in 1995, administration work became slightly less arduous. However, as time has moved on, so has the demand for trade services. This has undeniably put a strain on the trade industry. For this reason, the team at MPN have joined forces with FlatRateNOW to develop a revolution in quoting and pricing that will save you time and money.

In 2016, the team at FlatRateNOW identified the need to bring pricing books into the current modern era and be able to update them with ease going into the future. Printed pricing books quickly become out-of-date with stock price increases and new technologies released into the trade regularly. That’s how a revolutionary app for plumbers and electricians came to light.


What is FlatRateNOW?

What started as a mobile app for plumbers has become one of the best available pricing apps for trades. The FlatRateNOW app is always updated with prices, new materials and new tasks. Our app now carries over 1,500 catalogued tasks for plumbers and electricians. We are always looking to improve everything we do and continually release software updates to deliver the latest capabilities and app performance.

Our app is built upon a flat rate fee pricing model which means that all quotes are created with accuracy. This is an app for tradie job management, quoting and pricing, but it’s also the best invoice app for tradesmen in Australia. It can integrate with accounting software to transfer invoices to your back office and the consistent pricing helps to keep your finances in check.

FlatRateNOW's goal was to streamline the upfront pricing and estimation of plumbing jobs for Australian plumbers and electricians. Our next-generation software app has simplified the upfront pricing process to bring it into the 21st century. Customers can now get quotes from tradesmen in 20 minutes or less!

The software was designed, tested by and made for, Australian tradespeople. We take a hands-on approach with our clients and are available to learn about your particular business and advise on how the system would work best for you. Our Sydney based help desk means we can support you with operating questions or additional training, in your own time. There's never been a better time to be a plumber or electrician in Australia with our pricing system!


FlatRateNOW is a highly efficient software solution for businesses in the following plumbing & electrical fields:
  • Hot water plumbing installation and maintenance

  • Gasfitting

  • Roofing, rainwater tanks and guttering

  • Blocked drains Servicing and drainage repair

  • Fan installation

  • Switches and GPOs

  • Security systems

  • Accessories/Appliances

  • Sensors

  • IXL fittings

  • Lights

  • Switchboards and circuits

  • TV/data

  • Smoke Alarms

  • Cabling


Our trusted Australian suppliers and their products are all available in our app to assist with quoting and making sure you are getting the correct and relevant prices, every time. Our current suppliers are;

  • Reece

  • Tradelink

  • Co-Op

  • Rexel

  • CNW

  • Haymans

Up Front Pricing Made Simple

In one easy step, you can now calculate and quote your next plumbing or electrical job – all with a simple and easy to learn interface. The FlatRateNOW app does a whole lot more; storing all of your paperwork in the cloud to make running your business easy.

Use our pricing tiers to quote for specialised or difficult jobs to make sure any extra time or labour is covered. Add your labour sell rate and product markups into the application, and you are set to go. Our ScratchPad makes quoting easy; draw up and deliver a quote in a matter of minutes! The app eliminates phone calls to suppliers, incentivising your customers to choose you. Start getting more value out of the work you put in, close more jobs in a shorter space of time and make more profit.


The Future Of FRN

Moving forward, we will be expanding our app to include services such as:

Solar & Battery
Rainwater & Septic

We will also be extending our services to large industrial companies and conglomerates by sharing data that can help to standardise and regulate trade industries. One of the most prominent issues tradespeople face is losing track of job records or quotes due to the overwhelming amount of paperwork they carry.

Losing vital record leads to lousy customer relationships and damaged reputations. The current lack of accountability, not knowing what was installed, at what time and for what purpose, misdirected quotes and fierce competition are all factors that make the job harder than it needs to be. You could end up being liable for an accident that you didn't cause, simply because you lost the paperwork for that job.

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